3D Signs & Dimensional Letters & Logos

Custom Acrylic Displays for Companies in Gurnee, IL

Make your name or logo stand out in ways flat signage simply can't match! A great way to make your company name, logo or promotional message stand out, custom 3D signage and dimensional lettering are a specialty at Image360.

Often called three-dimensional signage or dimensional signage, our 3D signage adds a dimension of depth to width and height. The result? Even indoors, the shape and shading of 3D signs and letters catch the eye in ways that flat, two-dimensional letters, logos and graphics simply can't match! They work harder for you because people can see them from longer distances!

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3D Signs & Dimensional Letters & Logos
Logo with printed translucent acrylic panels and brushed metal dimensional letters
Sign with edge lit acrylic dimensional letters and logo with back-lighting to create a halo background for reception desk area
Large custom made dimensional letters for logo in grand foyer
3D logo using brushed aluminum dimensional letters and acrylic wave on standoffs
Warren High School Crest
3D Signs & Dimensional Letters
 Photon Dimensional Letters
3D Signs & Dimensional Letters
LED Illuminated Lobby Sign
LED Illuminated Dimensional Letters on Entrance Area Wall in Waukegan IL
Custom 3D wall logo with brushed metal face and raised letters for dentist office in Waukegan, IL
Laser cut acrylic dimensional lettering with brushed metal faces on lettering
Brushed metal logo for reception desk area
Letters and sales of justice logo - brushed bronze on acrylic
Acrylic dimensional letters and logo
Dimensional letters on acrylic hanging in front of stacked stone wall
3D Signs & Dimensional Letters & Logos
Bronze and Gun Metal Gray dimensional lettering and logo on wall of law practice in Gurnee IL
Metallic faced dimensional wall lettering at business entrance
Metallic dimensional logo on wall in Gurnee IL
Three dimensional letters and logos on acrylic with standoffs in conference room serves as background for video conferencing
Our own entrance in Gurnee
Metallic faced letters on wall of reception lobby at law office in Lake County IL (Waukegan)
Metallic faced acrylic logo for wall of credit union conference room in Gurnee IL
Metallic and painted dimensional lettering with vinyl graphics on doctors office reception wall in Gurnee IL
Gold dimensional letters behind reception desk in lobby Libertyville IL
Dimensional letters on curved wall in conference room at law practice in Chicago, IL
Metal faced dimensional foam logo and raised lettering in gold and silver on main lobby wall in Palatine, IL
Logo wall with metal laminate letters on wall behind reception area at Townline Animal Hospital in Vernon Hills IL
3D logo graphic on entry wall in Gurnee IL
Gold faces on foam for eye doctors office in Gurnee
Cast bronze letters on wall for the Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University
Cast aluminum letters on brick wall
Brightly colored dimensional foam letters for kids area in lobby of credit union
Wall behind front desk at Eagle Mortgage. Gurnee, IL
3D Signs & Dimensional Letters & Logos
3D Signs & Dimensional Letters & Logos

+What are dimensional letters and logos good for?

Establish Your Brand with Dimensional Letters & Logos

Is your company in need of making its name stand out? There's no better solution than utilizing dimensional letters and logos. Image360 Gurnee is available to help your company in Gurnee, IL, stand out through the use of our custom acrylic display services. This kind of signage solution is great for promoting your organization's name and branding features. Because they add more aesthetic by utilizing dimension, you can make more of an impact on future and existing customers. The added dimension of dimensional letters and logos makes them a lot more significant when seen in passing. See how Image360 Gurnee can help your company in Gurnee, IL, now.

Image360 Gurnee can make and install:

  • Indoor dimensional lettering and signs
  • 3D logo signs
  • Exterior dimensional lettering
  • Reception wall 3D letters and signs

+Does my business need dimensional signs?

Image360's 3D Signage Services

How do 3D sign designs help your company? Using 3D sign designs is more appealing to our eyes, and when your business name and logo is more attractive, it'll become more noteworthy to people. If your business is seeking to bring in new customers this can be an excellent approach, and this is how Image360 Gurnee can help. Our 3D sign design services are made to be completely customizable because we know your company has unique requirements. With a large selection of lettering designs and colors, we can truly capture your business' details.

Image360 Gurnee can produce your custom acrylic displays from high-quality materials. Some of the more popular options include:

  • Acrylic: Acrylic is very versatile and you can get various shapes and textures with it. With a large range of colors, Image360 Gurnee can fine tune the look you want for your company.Foam: Foam is a great option for interior signs. It's malleable, not heavy and cost-effective. Foam can be painted with any color or it can be laminated with a layer of metal or hard plastic. There is a variety of customizable options with foam.
  • Metal: Metal is durable and can be customized into the aesthetic you want, whether it's polished, painted or rusted. You have several options when it comes to metal.
  • Wood: Wood can be used for its distinct characteristics, but it is also a useful material. It can be weather-resistant, painted and stained to your liking.
  • Plastic: Plastic is another cost-effective and versatile option. It can be made into various shapes and you can pick from various colors and finishes.

+Where can I get 3D signs?

Your Premier Signage Source

Companies throughout Gurnee, IL, benefit when they use an expert service for their company signs. With assistance from the experts at Image360 Gurnee, you'll get a valuable product through the practice of fine craftsmanship. Our 3D signs are made to be completely custom-made, which means your preferences are going to be incorporated. We utilize strong, quality materials that look great and are made to last. Image360 Gurnee has a background in working alongside a variety of organizations in various industries. It doesn't matter what industry your organization is in, Image360 Gurnee is here to deliver on a valuable, customized product.

The Image360 Service Promise

For more than three decades, Image360 has provided the nation with custom graphic and display selections and options. Your regional location in Gurnee, IL, implements advanced technology with tried-and-true practices to provide top-shelf service and products to our customers. Everything we produce, including custom acrylic displays are guaranteed to last. Our customers come to us time and time again because of our excellent customer service and attention to detail. We strive to create only the finest custom acrylic displays and means of visual communication.

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Image360 provides many services designed help you establish your company, whether you're an emerging business or a longstanding organization in Gurnee. We start with an appointment, so we can have a complete understanding of your needs and design requirements. From there, we work to fully deliver your custom acrylic display on schedule. Contact Image360 Gurnee today to speak with an expert.